• Image of Blatant Disarray - Everyone Dies Alone

The first full length album from Blatant Disarray.

"Everyone Dies Alone" is the result of a five year effort to capture the energy and sound of the band during that time period. The line up for this record features original drummer Tim Worrell and bass player Adam Peterson.

The length of time it took to make this record happen can be heard in the songs themselves. A wide ranging sound is featured on EDA with songs written 5 years prior to recording and songs written days prior to recording.

The physical copies of this album include 3 bonus tracks that are not available for digital download. These Songs were part of the Manipulation EP released in 2005.

01 Undetermined
02 Down & Out
03 Question
04 End
05 Faithless
06 Pathetic
07 A Righteous Rant
08 Eye Fortune
09 Hourglass
10 Everyone Dies Alone

11 Nine Days Wonder
12 Number One Disaster
13 Manipulation