• Image of Ebon Path

The new album was recorded in Raleigh, NC from August 2017 to July, 2018. “Ebon Path” was co-produced by Mike Schaefer and Mike Dean (Corrosion of Conformity) at the studio they share in Raleigh. The record was mixed and mastered by Jamie King.

“Ebon Path” shows the way to a darker side of the band’s sound. Also present is a return to complex rhythms and up-tempo, thrashy songs. Drummer Stephen Parson makes his first appearance on a full length recording and clearly proves that he is a speed metal force to be reckoned with. After Stephen’s joining of the band two years ago his energy helped light the fire that ultimately lit the way along the “Ebon Path”.

Track Listing:
1. Undertones
2. Low Life
3. Parasite
4. The Black
5. Leeches
6. Delirium
7. Weakening of the Wolves
8. Toe The Line
9. The Master and the Servant